Gainesville, Tx. Medal of Honor host city parade 


 Saturday April 12, 2014


Every April the City of Gainesville, Texas hosts Medal of Honor recipients from around the country.  Being the only city in the US that does this they were voted a Most Patriotic City recently.  This years 13th annual Medal of Honor Appreciation event was attended by 21 recipients of our highest military honor.  All veterans are honored by the city and are invited into the schools to teach students about their stories and history.  There are appreciation dinners and the event is capped off with a huge parade on Saturday and an autograph session after the parade at the Gainesville Events center.  Each MOH attendee is assigned a historic Military Vehicle to ride in for the parade or can march if they choose to.  The City of Gainesville also honors attendees that come by naming a Police patrol car after them.  One of the newest Medal of Honor recipients, Capt. William Swenson got to check his Chevrolet Tahoe out and was offered to take it for a spin.  This is an incredible event that we are quite lucky that is hosted here in North Texas.

Channel 12 Gainesville news story:

Check out some of the photos from the parade below.